Sweden is a beautiful country without any doubt but that is not the only reason why students are running after the universities there. The institutions in the past decade have slowly made a reputation for themselves and there are many a reasons behind why Sweden is preferred by students all over the world including- high quality unconventional education, scopes for citizenship, working and scholarship opportunities,being  a cultural landscape, challenging curriculum and the vision for education.

High Quality Unconventional Education

In the Academic Ranking of World Universities compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2010,, Sweden has three universities in the top 100 and eleven in the top 500. That only shows how massive importance is given on study in this country. Sweden differs from other countries regarding the curriculum and education system. The education is student centric and teacher-student relationships are given much important. Group based works are encouraged. The system helps the students to attain autonomy. The students are prized for their critical thinking and the active role in the class. The universities provide theoretical knowledge and practical experiences which helps a student very much in the competitive job market.

Scholarships and Work Permits  

One of the very few countries to do so, Sweden stands among the elites when it comes to taking care of the students. There are various scholarship opportunities along with working permits that help a student in various ways. The working hours are fixed and during semester breaks and free time the students can work full time. After finishing graduation, there are also scopes for gaining citizenship through a series of exams. Overall, the environment in the institutions are very friendly towards the students.

Challenging Curriculum but In A Good Way

Look no further than the Noble Prize which awarded every year from Stockholm, Sweden. It is easily understable why Sweden always stands among the top ranking countries to provide quality education. Several Swedish universities are ranked by the Times Higher Education(2019) and the Academic Ranking of World Universities(2018)  among the most practical and good ones throughout the world. The curriculum expects the best from a student and requires integrity from them. That is why Sweden witj the course of time has become the place for higher studies for the students all over the world.

Focus on Sustainability and Environment

The vision of Sweden is that a student must be aware of what is going outside. Sweden plans to have 100 percent renewable energy by 2040 and the education system also provides for this through various processes. Sweden was ranked as the top country regarding sustainable development. The students are also prepared in such a way that they can face the upcoming challenges. There are 28 national parks and more than 3,400 national reserves in the country. Along with the natural beauty, it simply will not let you get bored with your studies. If you want to take a break, you can easily go and take a walk outside to refresh your mind. Overall, the focus on sustainability and development makes the education system more functional than that of the others.