When you think about higher studies in abroad Canada comes to the top of your list. Canada is getting more popular among international students nowadays. Over the years canada has developed a first class education system that puts a higher value around the globe. A very good number of universities in this country are ranked as top 100 universities in the world. Moreover, education cost in Canada is quite reasonable and has a wide variety of scholarship opportunities. Canada is one of the best place to live, along with highly stable economy and best place for your career. Check out some of the reasons why you should think about Canada for your higher studies.

Top Ranked Universities

Canadian universities have always gained a huge reputation for their standard of teaching method, student-friendly environment and career opportunities. A large number of Canadian universities are ranked as to 100 universities in the world. In fact, in one study in 2016, three Canadian Universities were ranked in the top 50 universities in the world. Including that a huge number of universities are highly renowned for their quality of education. Some of the top-ranked Canadian universities are: (We will put pcg’s preferable university names here)

1. University of Toronto (top 30 best universities in Canada in THE)

2. University of British Columbia (top 40 best universities in Canada in THE)

3.  McGill University (top 50 best universities in Canada in THE)

4.  University of Montreal (top 150 best universities in Canada in THE)

5. University of Alberta (top 150 best universities in Canada in THE)

Affordable Education & Living Cost

Money is the biggest issue when a student thinks about studying abroad. International students generally pay higher tuition fees than domestic students. But when you compare the cost USA, Australia or UK the tuition fees are significantly lower. That being said, the average tuition fees in Canada for a undergraduate degree is around $16,746 USD where in USA it is $24,914 USD. A wide variety of scholarships are provided by all of the universities for international and domestic students.

Moreover, the living cost is very low in Canada compared to other developed countries. The cost of living in Canada for international students is more or less $10,000 USD per year where in USA or Australia it may cost way more than that.

Part Time Job Opportunities

Studying abroad is always a very expensive option. Thus comes the point of part time job with your study. Part time jobs are a lifesaver for international students. In Canada international students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during school terms and 30 hours per week on a off term. Most of the students do not need to face and hard rules for a part time job whether it is on campus or off campus. For that reason you must consider Canada for your higher studies.

Better Job Opportunity

Canada has one of the best stable economy and developed country in the world. You do not need to be tensed about a good job after completing your study. On the other hand Canadian degree is considered as top class all over the world. So you will get a very wide opportunity to build your career anywhere you want. Aside with that all the industries leading companies have their offices in Canada. It will definitely open a door for your better future.

Research Opportunities

Canadian educational institutions puts a good focus on research in every area of education. You will get very good opportunities to research in yours chosen area. They promote fundings and scholarships for researched based education. Every university has their high quality research facilities of their own if you have a soft corner for doing research considering Canadian Universities.