From the medieval time to now, China has always had a front seat among the most well known nations of the world. In the last century, after China opened its door to international community, it has become one of most favourite places to be chosen by people all over the world when they think about studying abroad. There are multiple reasons behind this mainly being- education system in China, affordable tuition and scholarships, the global experience, multicultural society of China, professional marketability and useful skills taught with general education.

Favourable Education System in China

Education system in China is very liberal, well structured and favourable. China is very big country with many provinces but the institutions are controlled by the central government. Any institutions that wants to provide education will have to go through the multi-layered test prepared by the education wing of the government. The institutions sometimes have foreign quota and  sometimes is designed purely for international students. Engineering, medical, arts and commerce- the institutions are developed in order to pursuit a certain goal although many top competitive universities provides for different types of study side by side. The organisation and the structure of the system is ao well maintained that the fruition of better study is a natural thing, not only for the locals but also for the foreign students.

Affordable Tuitions and Scholarships

China is on the verge of being a global superpower. The industry is strong here but what differentiates it from others that it has put a great emphasis on education. Compared to that of other countries that provides such good education, China is very cheap. For example, for the same degree and same quality of education other countries such as USA,UK and Australia it would cost three or four times more to that of China. Besides, the system provides  for scholarship for the students, both local and international. The vision of the education system of China is to provide quality education for pupils all over the world thus opening a great sphere of scholarships for students from different criterias and making it sure that the participation of the intelligent students and students from different sectors of life is ensured. 

The Global Experience

In this age of globalisation it is very important to be a citizen of the world. China is very rich in its own culture, that is true, still it has turned itself into a global village where people from all over the world come for different reasons. You will meet students from your own institution and also pupil from outside. It helps in the growth of the mind of one and plays an important role in the socialization process. Therefore, a student studying in a university in China gets a large opportunity of building himself in the global arena. In this modern time, it is very necessary to become a citizen of the global village and studying in China paves the way towards that.

Professional Marketability And Useful Skills

The world has become very competitive and it is very tough to manage a good job for a fresh graduate. But, interestingly studying in China  opens a door for someone to not to be enclosed in a certain area or country, rather being available in the international market. Therefore, the opportunities increase and scopes too. Besides, it is very well known that study is not the only thing one has to acquire in his/her tenure in Universities. There are many other things that help a student in his life. Being away from home, a student learn to be autonomous and dependent on himself. A place like China provides for learning different skills necessary to sustain life in the global sphere, thus making studying in China much lucrative and attractive for people all around the world.    

Multicultural Society of China

A students spends a good portion of his life in his college/university education. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the place he resides and studies in gives him the opportunity to live a life which is not full of boredom. Multicultural society of China is a very important aspect of the education for someone studying there. The food is delicious, the language is diverse but more than anything the people are very nice. There are different types of ethnic groups and a very beautiful landscape all around the country for anyone to enjoy. The thousand year old culture provides for a closer look at the civilization and thus growing a person from the inside. There are many beautiful things to enjoy that ranges from man made structure to natural beauties. The people are very friendly and the society in China overall is so different from place to place depending on the culture they have. That is why a student from outside world studying in China is not only enhanced in his academic studies but also regarding his mental side and the cultural aspect.