Finland stands as one of the northernmost countries of the world. Besides the extraordinary natural beauty and rich history, there are many other reasons- both academic and non-academic  which strengthens the idea of completing higher studies from the country. Finland is one of the very few welfare states that ensures quality education for locals and foreigner as well. The stability of the government along with the transparency and the peaceful political situation make Finland an ideal state for higher education.

Quality Education

Finland always stands in the top five of PISA scoring. That only shows a corner side of how well-organised

and structured the education system really is. Finland is top ranked stated where books are borrowed from the library (Shanghai Ranking 2017). These are few of the indicators of the quality education that Finland provides. The staff is amazing, the curriculum is mindblowing. Overall the system stands as an ideal of how things should be regarding education. Finland leads the world in ‘futurology’. Students from the academic institutions can easily join the Helsinki Challenge, “a science based competition and idea accelerator,” which aims to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and build a better future for the people.

Strong Local Culture and Vibrant International Community

Finland has a small population of 5.5 million. But the local culture is very strong. The cities are full of life and the people are extremely friendly. Coffee, fishing etc. are parts of the local culture which begets tourists and residents from all over the world. This along with other things makes the education very attractive to people all over the world. The international community is very strong in Finland. When you go to study in Finland, you will have the opportunity to know not only the locals but also people from different countries. The dynamic music and theatre scene makes the life easier as the Finnish believe art is a part of life.

Ideal Place to live

Many a times it becomes a concern of the people about how well the life overall would be in a certain place. Finland is an ideal place to live for various reasons. Firstly, the safety in Finland is very well. Whether It’s the morning or dark night, you can easily go and take a walk or shop whatever you want. Secondly, English is spoken by whole of the population which makes it easier to communicate. The travel access is easy and Finland ranks among the countries with lowest crime rates. It is well connected with other countries too and immigration process is very simple. Cities like Helsinki, Tampere and Turku are in the center of scandinavia which adds to it being a very ideal place to live.

Natural Beauty

Finland stands as wonderland filled with natural beauties. Barring different island on the southernmost coast, Finland is located on 60th parallel. There are 1,68,000 lakes in the whole country which turn into ice in winter. The forests are very beautiful and along with the gorgeous landscape, Finland draws attention of people all over the world. People go from abroad to study there and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.