The universities in Italy was founded mostly in the 12th century making it place of almost thousand year old institutions. The reorganization of the curriculum and the study process overall saw the emergence of modern education system in Italy, along with other european countries. Somehow, Italy is far ahead than its counterparts. There are many a reasons why Italy is chosen by people all over the world when it comes to higher education, mainly being-  a place filled with top universities with an international environment, affordable study and accommodation, beautiful countryside, a cultural meeting point and the opportunity to study from a vast range of subjects.

Top Universities With An International Environment

Top notch universities are situated in Italy that provide quality education. The environment is very supportive and high in nature for the students. Students all over the world come to study in Italy thus making it very suitable for an international environment. University of Bologna is the oldest and the most prestigious of all but besides these, there are hundreds of other renowned universities. To name a few, Politecnico Di Milano, Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, European School of Economics, Sapienza, University of Rome, University of Macerata are few of them. There are many other universities focusing on a specific type of study all around Italy. This is why may be, Italy has become one of the most preferred place of study for international students.

Affordable Study and Accommodation

Although the quality is not compromised, the cost of living and studying is far less than that of other countries such as USA, UK and Australia. If compared within Italy Pisa, Turin and Padua are very cheap with places like Rome, Milan and Bologna being slightly overpriced than those places. Still, compared to other states in Europe and around the world, the cost is very low. Usually, the study costs only 700-1500 EUR/month whereas as the expense for living, food and transportation accumulates to 400-1200 EUR/month depending on the place which is very less compared to the other countries that provide same quality of education.  

Beautiful Countryside

It os very important for the mental growth of a student to have the opportunity to live in a place that provides for refreshment. Italy without any doubt is one of the most beautiful places of the world. The cities are millennia aged old and the countryside is spectacular. That is why anyone from other countries enjoy a beautiful time while studying in Italy. The refreshment is adequate for any person and living situation is very supportive thus making the study much more enjoyable. The pressure that higher studies put on somebody can only be handled if there are scopes to enjoy the life through other ways. The beautiful countryside of Italy stands as one of such things which adds to the value of the education system and the education in general. This is one of the main reasons why studying in italy is very lucrative of people all over the world.          

A Cultural Meeting Point

Italy is the place where human civilization saw it’s modern version to arise. Rome was the birthplace of democracy among  many other things. That is why, Italy today has become a cultural meeting point. It is said that ‘art’ is indicator of how advanced a civilization really is.  Italy was the birthplace of the cultural Renaissance in 14th century and from then it has never looked back. Today, Italy is filled with museums and theatres. It is rich with painting, music, dramas and literature among other things. When a person goes to study, he not only looks at the standard of the University but also how rich the place itself is. Italy without any question stand on the top when it comes to culture. Last century saw the growth of globalisation and today world is considered as global village. If that is really true then Italy will obviously be its cultural meeting point. That is why, studying in Italy attracted this amount of people from all over the world.    

Vast Range of Subjects

Universities in Italy  provides quality education and has a vast range of subjects to choose from. Some of the very well known subjects are International Relations, MBAs,Electrical Engineering,Computer Science, Architecture, Fashion Design among others. The reason behind this is very practical. Italy is a place that puts emphasis on learning from the hand to hand view point. Italy itself is very rich in architectures, arts, music, fashion etc.,thus making it obvious that these aforementioned subjects got so much value. Besides them subjects like medical, civil engineering, economics etc. are also very well known and have great reputation all over the world. The subjects are usually taught in English which makes it accessible to the international people. Institutions in Italy do not compromise the quality for availability and vice versa which makes it easier for people to choose it as the place where they want to complete their higher education all over the world.