Why To Study In Malaysia

Malaysia has entered the list of the countries preferred by students when they think about studying abroad. There are multiple reasons behind this, being- higher quality education system, foreign degree at a very low cost compared to other countries, better quality of life compared to the expenses of living and studying there, the easy immigration process and the multicultural society which makes it easy for a student to live there.

Higher Quality Education System

With a vision of turning Malaysia into the center of excellence for higher education, the system is closley monitored by the Ministry of Higher Education. It also has a institution under it named  Malaysian Qualification Agency ( MQA) which looks after the aspired quality of a institution so that the quality does not drop. The emphasize has always been on a good education and it can be easily said that with time they have achieved it and now Malaysia stands with the other top places for study all around the world.

Foreign Degree At A Very Low Cost

USA, UK, Australia and other countries provide for the same education but not at the same cost to that of Malaysia. Being a gradually developing nation that has put emphasis on education and encouraged students from other countries, Malaysia is now in the list of where students can get a quality education, but the cost is really very low compared to that of other developed nations. Here, the cost of study is being discussed only, not the huge amount of living cost that comes with in other countries.

Better Quality of Life Compared to the Expenses

Malaysia is now among the other developed nations and very much dependant on industries. It has increased the growth of the economy which resultef in the better class of life which comes at a very lower cost. The medical facilities and the healthcare system is world class. The telecommunication process is outstanding. With time, Malaysia has built up its infrastructure slowly which put it as a frontrunner of the race among the states. The quality of life in Malaysia is top notch with a very easy and comfortable accommodation system.

Easy Immigration Process

It has always been an idea of Malaysia that it wanted to connect with the world. That is why the immigration process is so easy and accessible here. International students enjoy the trouble free process which makes it attractive to the pupils of other countries. The immigration process is very easy for the students of other countries that smooths the way of fulfilling the vision of the country which is to make Malaysia – the center of excellence for higher education and that is why the government provides for such easy immigration process.

Peaceful Life in Malaysia

Malaysia was ranked 7th as the most peaceful country(2011). The political situation is very stable and therefore the social life and living in Malaysia in general becomes so smooth. The weather is supportive and it is not prone to natural disasters thus making one of the few countries where citizens and people from both inside and abroad live such a peaceful life.

Multicultural Society

The exposure to different ethnicity and multiple language allows the students to grow internally and in a favourable situation. Dialects from Hakka, Mandarin, Tamil, Malaylam, Hindi, Hokkien, Cantones,  FooChow, Hainanese, Telegu etc. are used although English stand as the main medium. The food is also diverse. Besides, Malaysia is one the most preferred travel destinations being ranked 9th as the most visited country of the world(2011). The diversity provides for a supportive living situation for the students which helps them in different ways.