New Zealand is a beautiful country, of course. Besides the picturesque landscape and being the country of Lotd of The Rings, the education system is also very rich. New Zealand has come into the top preferences of the students over the world for various reasons. It not only provides for a high quality education, the other extra features of the country itself and the education system made the country one of the top places for students all over the world. There are various reasons behind why is so that includes global recognition, research opportunities, working space etc.

Global Recognition

The New Zealand Qualification Authority(NZQA) strictly maintains the quality of the universities . It keeps an eye on the enrollment issue and the fact that all the institutions are registered and closely monitored. QS World Rankings and Times Higher Education Rankings are two of the recognized rankings all over the world. Almost all the universities in New Zealand  are in this ranking that showcases the potential of the universities of the country. There are main eight universities along with several others that ensures quality education over the country.the credits completed from this country is accepted all over the world which is reminder of how good these universities really are.

Innovation and Research

Influenced by commonwealth education system, universities in New Zealand aims at research and innovation. The goal is practical education and making the students used to face the problems hand to hand. Individual and group studies both are encouraged and the students engage in critical thinking along with a very good teacher-Student interaction based education. New Zealand provides abundant research opportunities for the students. The universities comprise of high quality teachers, big libraries and laboratories. Universities ensure that not only the theoretical but also a quality knowledge based study along with research opportunities reach to the students. That is why the students are able the have a strong grasp over the subject and apply it thereby in related fields.  

Peaceful and Safe

New Zealand ranked second in the global peace index(2018). The country has always had the reputation of being peaceful. Political stability in the country makes the society calm and therefore helping in having a quality education. As an international student, you will have the same rights and prioritise as local students. Practice of good governance helps in attaining the assured quality education.

Beautiful Landscape       

It is very necessary for the mental health of a student to engage in activities other than study. It is very much known to the world how beautiful the landscape of New Zealand is. It offers the students to allow them to concentrate on their studies more. If you feel bored or exhausted, you can easily take a tour or any kind visit in the nearby countryside. That not only will refresh your mind but also help you to enrich within.

Quality of Life

The overall quality of life in New Zealand is outstanding. The multicultural society that exists in harmony with the natural beauty and modern type of life ensures that a person can get his best both from the life and education. Much emphasis is put on the social structure, therefore allowing the life to be enjoyed to the fullest. There are no discrimination or racism in the people which begs for people all around the world to come and enjoy. The quality of life is one of the biggest reasons why so many people all around the world wants to pursue their education in New Zealand.

Opportunity of Work Alongside Study

The students can easily earn money by working alongside with studying. The graduate students are allowed to work 20 hours a week whereas in break time they can work full time. The research students and postgraduates can also work full time. By this,  a student can easily earn the money necessary to sustain life alongside with his/her study.